So I found these….


I decided it’s about time I try helping the KyoMami tag out some



lets all just take a moment of our time today to appreciate this clip of kyomami in the rebellion story op


Her winter clothes are cute.


this episode wrecked me into pieces but on the bright side here is sousuke as winter soldier bc left arm tragedy  

based off this scene | check the high-res ver on my DeviantArt

Holy fucking shit! I saw your monochrome shit and I gave me butter flies it was so fucking perfect! I know the life of an artist sucks huge dick with all requests but if you have any free time could you draw some bumbleby? If you hate that ship or are busy I understand but I saw how great your artwork is and wanted to see my otp as such a masterpiece! Thanks! Ttyl(hopefully)



1. Thanks for the compliments ;u;

2. Here’s your bumblebees~


oh holy fuck this is so adorable and amazing and hH H HH H HOW ARE YOU SO TALENTED